ENG.: Behind Closed Shutters | Short animated film | 3’8" | 2020

Started during a 2 week school workshop in 2nd year... finished 2 and a half months later. My first attempt at a narrative short film.

A grumpy monster, portraying itself to the world as a human, is trapped in an endless cycle. He works constantly and has no free time. After work, he goes to a club...


2020 DSAF Award for best student animated film
2022 Screener Short Film - Honorable Mention


First Crossings, Nova Gorica (SI) 2020
FSF Festival of Slovenian Film, Ljubljana (SI) 2020
Animateka, Online (SI) 2020
Kino Otok, Izola (SI) 2021
NAFF / Neum Animated Film Festival 16, Online (BiH) 2021
Animart Festival, Online (GR) 2021
Ars Elektronica, Online 2021
33 Girona Film Festival, Girona (ES) 2021
5th Chaniartoon, Chania (GR) 2021
FilmFreš, Nova Gorica (SI) 2022


Author, Story, Animation, Music and Sound Design: Miha Reja

Production: University of Nova Gorica School of Arts
Co-Production: Famul Video Lab
With the support of: Slovenian Film Centre, Viba Film Ljubljana